We Choose To Be Thankful


We Choose To Be Thankful

“As seen in the Real Estate Reality Column in the San Leandro Times & Castro Valley Forum, written by Carl Medford”

When history books record 2020, it should be called, “The Year That Wasn’t.” The year we couldn’t hug or shake hands. Visit immune-compromised loved ones. Eat-in restaurants. Travel to most places in the world. Go to school. Attend weddings or funerals. Enjoy the theater. Cheer on our favorite sports teams. And so on.

Sitting in our home office recently, my wife wondered aloud what had happened to the year. “How is it possible,” she asked, “That the year is almost over and almost everything we had planned this year hasn’t happened.” And won’t. A trip to Italy. Having grandkids fly in. Hosting holiday events and open houses. And more. Yet somehow, the year has seemed to evaporate – everyone we know is in shock it has passed so quickly.

And in the midst of this, the real estate market is as hot as it has ever been. Access is limited, but it does not seem to matter. Homes are getting snapped up and buyers keep coming back for more.

As Realtors who strive to deliver the highest possible level of client care, this year has been an interesting journey. While we have historically provided most of our service in person, we have had to learn how to continue exemplary service, but from a distance. We have missed the relational interactions that occur during open houses, meetings in homes and offices and the simple blessings that flow from seeing each other’s faces in person. But, like other service organizations, Realtors have also learned and adapted. And the level of service and care provided will continue to grow as we learn and evolve in these crazy times.

In the midst of everything, we are thankful. Thankful for life, family and friends. Thankful that even in adversity we are still blessed beyond the wildest dreams of many in other parts of the world. We are grateful for the opportunities ahead.

The human spirit is strong. We have not only weathered countless catastrophes, we have always emerged stronger and more resilient at the end. Someone reminded me that the Roaring 20’s came on the heels of the Spanish Flu that killed so many. One of the most amazing periods of growth happened in the aftermath of WW2. Although this season has been difficult, I cannot wait to see what heights we will hit once this is behind us.

We choose to be Thankful.

Carl Medford is a licensed Realtor with Keller Williams Realty and a licensed general contractor. This article is sponsored by the Central County Marketing Association.

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