Top 15 Things Realtors Want for Christmas


Top 15 Things Realtors Want for Christmas

With Christmas mere days away, Realtors across the country are dreaming of things they would like to see show up in their stockings this year. We started out doing a Top 10 list, but after interviewing many agents, we ended up with a long list of wants and decided to limit it at 15.

Here is our list of what real estate agents REALLY want this Christmas:

  1. Realtors who actually answer their phones.

Regardless of where we did a survey, this came in at #1 every time. It seems there are a significant number of agents out there who believe their phones are for ordering takeout, checking Facebook posts, texting and numerous other uses … but are not to be used as an actual phone. It is also useless to leave a message, because many either do not have the voicemail boxes set up or simply refuse to listen
to messages.

  1. The ability to do Yelp reviews on their clients.

Most agents can think of at least one unwarranted negative review received from a client who was impossible to please. Fact is, some of us have even received reviews from individuals who never even utilized our services! Instead of just being on the receiving end for reviews, agents we interviewed wanted a site to post reviews on individuals with whom they have had dealings. One agent also suggested a Karen List.

  1. Buyer agents who can read.

Listing agents go to great lengths to post critical information for buyer agents including showing
directions, instructions for writing offers and so on. Most MLSs provide a Confidential Comments section which gives listing agents the opportunity to provide key information to prospective buyer agents. All a buyer’s agent needs to do is actually read the instructions. If only …

  1. Buyers who accept the fact that Realtors actually know more than they do.

In this brave new world of ours, it seems everyone knows more about real estate than the professionals who ply the trade every day for a living. Whether they are relying on information from a friend who bought a foreclosure 10 years ago, a working buddy who dabbles in real
estate investments or a well-meaning family member who has spent way too many hours watching HGTV, I cannot think of any other profession where clients think they “know” more than the professionals they are hiring to represent them.

  1. Buyers who accept the fact that Realtors actually know more than they do.

We have all had clients who actually believed a seller would be motivated to accept an offer
that was ridiculously low. Some agents interviewed suggested that if it turned out to be impossible to enact a law banning silly offers, then perhaps we could enact a version of hockey’s penalty
box where sellers could send buyers who insisted on writing “cheap-shot” substandard offers. One agent even suggested a “Mission Impossible” scenario where
the contract would self-destruct if it did not meet reasonable standards.

  1. Buyers who understand agency and honor agency relationships.

Many agents interviewed asked for buyers that would only work with one agent, would willingly sign a buyer-broker agreement, would never ask a listing agent at an open house to write an offer for them, and would not dream of contacting the listing agent in any way.

Carl Medford is a licensed Realtor with Keller Williams Realty and a licensed general contractor. This article is sponsored by the Central County Marketing Association.

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