Top 10 Buyer Turnoffs Preventing Buyers From Visiting


Top 10 Buyer Turnoffs Preventing Buyers From Visiting

“As seen in the Real Estate Reality Column in the San Leandro Times & Castro Valley Forum, written by Carl Medford”

As the pandemic continues to limit access to listings, buyers are relying on the internet to shortlist homes. Sellers and their agents must work hard to ensure those internet views result in actual visits.

To maximize online views, avoid these Top 10 buyer turnoffs:

  1. Horrible pictures: With lousy pictures, the #1 reason buyers skip listings, a professional photographer is a great investment. The internet is clogged with poor listing photos – make sure yours sizzle.
  1. Clutter: If a buyer cannot see a room for the clutter, they will not hang around. Clear out extraneous items BEFORE the home hits the market.
  1. Dirt: Would you want to visit a dirty home in today’s COVID-19 environment? If needed, hire a professional cleaner.
  1. Lack of light: Dark rooms are a huge turnoff. Remove heavy curtains or other coverings preventing light from filling a space. Install enough lighting fixtures to ensure well-lit rooms.
Lack of light
  1. Religious items: In this multicultural area, it is best to remove crosses, items with religious sayings or bible verses. Additionally, rooms or closets converted to temples, grottos, and prayer rooms should have all religious symbols, icons, and so on removed.
  1. “Retro” rooms: Most homebuyers today do not want to upgrade a home after the purchase and will pay a premium for turnkey homes with modern amenities. Updated kitchens and baths are considered “must-have” features for today’s buyers. They are also looking for hardwood or laminate floors, dual pane windows, and ceilings with “popcorn” removed.
  1. Outdated countertops: Today’s buyers want quartz or granite. If a home has tile or laminate counters, some buyers will not be willing to pay the cost of upgrading and will move on to the next listing.
  1. Bizarre paint colors: Bright orange, canary yellow, firetruck red, Barney purple, shocking pink, neon green, charcoal black, and ironically, stark white are usually immediate turnoffs. While color is currently “in,” buyers are looking for soft, warm shades, not eye-peeling hues.
  1. Wall coverings: For the most part, wallpaper and wood paneling are usually dated and provide an excuse for buyers to move on to other listings.
  1. Unkempt exteriors: Wild landscaping, dead grass, overgrown patches, clogged gutters with standing weeds, and other issues present buyers with challenges many will avoid.

Savvy sellers understand their home must resonate with today’s buyer’s preferred tastes. Be ruthless and remove obstacles that will preventing buyers from actually visiting.

Carl Medford is a licensed Realtor with Keller Williams Realty and a licensed general contractor. This article is sponsored by the Central County Marketing Association.

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