The Ultimate Home-Buying Experience®

  • We’ve carefully watched the trends in home buying change over the past few years. We’ve seen numerous problems emerge that directly affect home buyers and, as a result, have designed a totally new buying process for today’s enlightened buyers.

We call it “The Ultimate Home Buying Experience!“® and it’s so unique, it’s copyrighted! And it’s receiving rave reviews from home buyers who’ve chosen us to represent them and transform their home buying experience from ordinary to awesome. We have dozens of testimonials from very satisfied buyers.


Personal Advocate

We provide you with your very own personal advocate! Have a legal problem? You find an attorney. A tax problem? You hire an accountant. Tooth ache? Dentist. Seems logical enough. But for many, it changes when buying a home. Many want to “go it alone.” They believe they can “go direct” to the listing agent and save money on the price and commission. It is true there are individuals out there who still support this practice, however, strict lending laws now prevent “under-the-table” deals and credits back to the buyer (except in tightly controlled circumstances). MANY lawsuits have resulted as buyers in this type of situation have concluded that their best interests were not properly represented. Buyers have discovered, after the fact, that they were misrepresented. You can be assured that you will have a professional advocate who understands every aspect of buying a home and has YOUR interests in mind. And … we have access to every single home on the MLS, new homes, FSBOS (For Sale By Owners) and much more! If it’s for sale, we can represent you. We’ve even located homes that weren’t yet on the market.

Personal Coach

We provide you with your very own personal coach! Football, golf, tennis … think of any sport and you will immediately realize the need for a coach. Professionals in almost any area of business are also recognizing the need for a coach. You even had a coach to teach you how to walk! Even though you called your” walking coach,” “mom” or “dad,” they were a coach nonetheless! Truth is, you also need a personal coach when buying a home. Someone who has bought and sold dozens of homes and knows all the “ins and outs” of the process. Someone who will be at your side, watching out for you and teaching you every aspect and nuance of the process.

Personal Safety Net – Experience

We recently discovered some astonishing statistics: 87%* of all of the REALTORS® in Alameda County sold 6 or fewer homes in the past year! Increase the number of transactions to 12 or fewer a year and the percentage increases to 96%! This means that 96 out of every 100 REALTORS® does 1 transaction or less A MONTH. Can you imagine working with a dentist who handles one procedure a month? Or seeing a Lasik surgeon who does one procedure every two months? I’m sure you’d agree – they simply wouldn’t have the experience to properly care for you. The same principle applies in real estate. After all – we are talking about the largest financial transaction you will ever be involved with! So why take a chance? We handle a substantially higher number of transactions in any given year. It’s because of the large number of very satisfied clients that keep referring their friends and family to us. And if you are thinking of using your cousin or uncle because they will give you a “deal” … ask yourself if getting a “deal” is worth the potential problems that may arise. It may cost you severely in the long run if your relative does not have the extensive experience you need and deserve. Experience truly makes a difference! (*TrendGraphix, August, 2006)

Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Buyers repeatedly tell us that they have questions about the home buying process. Until now, there has not been a single source that adequately answers all the questions AND provides important tools to facilitate the process. After answering the same buyer questions over and over, we decided to develop a comprehensive resource to answer your questions. It covers every facet of home buying and has numerous valuable tools. It also includes an interactive CD that takes you direct to the various websites you will need access to during the buying process. It is the most comprehensive Buyer’s Guide available – no one else has a resource like this … how do we know? Because we wrote it!! And it is our free gift to you for choosing us to represent you in buying a home. You really need to see it to believe it! Not only do we give you your own copy, we spend as much time as necessary going through it with you to make sure you totally understand everything you need to know.

Protection from Potential Financing Issues

Every week we hear of buyers who had a bad experience with their lender. We’ve also seen buyers discover at the final document signing that the loan they are getting has hidden fees and/or costs that they were not aware of. We’ve seen transactions fall apart at the last minute because of lender issues. We’ve also sympathized with many clients who’ve discovered hidden pre-payment penalties they have to pay to refinance to get better rates and terms. And we’ve encountered lenders who also function as buyer’s agents to try to make as much off the buyer as possible. This can be prevented if you have someone working for you whose goal is to protect you. We carefully go over all of your loan documents before you commit to a loan to make sure you understand the loan you are getting!

Professional Negotiation

Ever negotiated at the flea market to get a better deal on something you wanted? Save a couple of dollars? Maybe a couple of hundred? We are highly trained, skilled negotiators who have successfully negotiated over 100 MILLION dollars of real estate for our clients over the past few years. And our clients have been very happy with the results! We don’t just negotiate the price – we get you the best possible terms as well. We also negotiate things like repairs, closing dates, occupancy and much more. We’d love to put our negotiation skills to work for you.


We bring our Virtual Office to you

Tired of driving to everyone’s office? Your doctor, accountant or banker? Tired of waiting in a crowded waiting room while the person you are there to see finally decides it’s your turn? We have the ultimate solution – we bring our office to you! Or virtual office is as close to you as the Starbucks nearest your home or work! Or a Peet’s Coffee. Or any other Java place with wireless Internet access. It’s convenient, fun, and you get to sip your favorite beverage while we meet – on us!

We provide a Child Friendly environment

Most Realtors want you to leave your kids at home. If you want to bring your kids, our vehicles have DVD players to keep them entertained! We’ve even caught the adults watching from time to time. We also have practical guidelines for how to view homes with your kids in tow. If you feel you want to be undistracted while looking, that’s fine as well. And, if you are out of options, we can also occasionally provide childcare in a safe environment while you find your new home.

We provide Neighborhood Information

We have the scoop on the various neighborhoods. Why one neighborhood smells funny and another one doesn’t. Crime stats, schools, transit options, resale potential – we can get you all the information you need to choose the appropriate neighborhood. And if we don’t have a specific answer that you need when you ask the question, we will get it within 24 hours!

Property Evaluation by a Licensed Contractor

Once you decide on a property, be prepared to pay hundreds of dollars for Inspectors to investigate the home. You pay the Inspectors whether or not you end up buying the property. We have an alternative! We will provide, at no cost to you, a licensed contractor’s evaluation of any home you are considering buying. This way, you have an evaluation BEFORE you spend any money. This does not replace the normal inspections, but it does give you an added edge to help you decide whether or not you want to go ahead, submit an offer and then get the regular inspections.

Transaction Specialist

Once you’re in escrow, we want to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, so we provide, at no cost to you, a full-time, professional Transaction Specialist who manages every detail of your new purchase. This is a $450.00 value!

Support Services

Movers, plumbers, electricians, carpet-layers, landscape architects, painters … if you need them, we can supply them! We’ve taken years to find a cast of highly qualified, reasonably priced people and companies to perform the services you need to get into your new property and make it your home. And at reasonable prices as well.

“After-the-sale” Support

We won’t love you then leave you! We intend to provide lifelong support to help you manage life in your new home. Need a plumber? Who you gonna call? Call us! We’ve got lots of plumbers! Want to remodel your new home? We can help. What if your oven suddenly stops working? Or you have a flood? Want to know if pesto goes well with chicken? The best source for Asiago cheese?! We have answers and solutions to an amazing number of issues! Bottom line – we are here to help and provide the ultimate level of support possible. And we are not going away – so call!

“Staging for Life” service at a Discount!

Ever wandered through a beautifully staged home and wished your new home could look like that? It can! We own a staging company that we use for all of our listings. A while ago we discovered a neat fact – the people whose homes we staged for sale often came back to us after the sale to have us stage the replacement home they purchased! And so we developed our unique “Staging For Life” services. Because you are a valued client, for a very reasonable, discounted fee, you can hire our staging crew to come and stage your new home after you’ve moved in!


We Commit to:

  • To listen carefully to make sure your needs, wants and expectations are totally understood.
  • To help you locate the home of your dreams. If such a home is not available under the existing market conditions, we will advise you of all of your options.
  • To offer you, at no charge, the services of the best Loan Officer we know to ensure that you are pre-approved (You’re not under any obligation to use our preferred lender – if you already have one, we’ll be delighted to work with them).
  • To have fun! We have great personalities!
  • To represent your interests as your agent and to uphold our code of ethics.
  • To make the Home Buying Process as understandable and as easy as possible.
  • To always treat you with respect AND to ensure that your time is not wasted.
  • To always tell you the truth, even if it is uncomfortable for any of us.
  • To ensure that you receive every financial advantage during the real estate process.

We commit to work with you tirelessly to find your new home:

  • To be available – we are available evenings and weekends as well as weekdays.
  • To persistently look for that illusive home of your dreams and spend as much time as necessary with you.
  • To answer any and all questions you may have about any given property and obtain information as required.
  • To keep you updated as to the status of properties on the market at any given time.
  • To give you access to myWindermere – designed to provide top-notch information and property searches.
  • To sign you up, with your permission, to Auto-Listing-Feed that will automatically send you all of the newest listings the moment they hit the market.
  • To tirelessly search for homes that may not even, as of yet, be on the market.
  • To work with you to submit a competitive offer on any property you choose.
  • To represent you as a trained negotiator to ensure that you get the best possible price and terms.

We commit to ensuring that your escrow goes smoothly, and, when problems occur, handling them quickly and effectively:

  • To ensure that your dedicated Transaction Specialist handles all transaction details properly and effectively.
  • To offer to you top-notch service providers to ensure that inspections, escrows, warranties and all other services are taken care of quickly and professionally.
  • To ensure that your escrow runs smoothly and that, when snags appear, commit that our team will work them out quickly and effectively.

We Commit to consistently follow-up and communicate with you.

  • To carefully explain the entire process as necessary and advise you as required.
  • To effectively communicate as often as you require to make sure you are always “in-the-loop.”
  • To consistently communicate to you in whatever method works best for you.

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