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We hope that you are receiving our SFL newsletter every month, and would really appreciate a few minutes of your time to make sure we have your updated contact information. This way, we can keep in touch with you, as you are the heart of our business, and continue providing you "service for life".New to Service for Life? If you wish to receive our monthly newsletter, feel free to fill out our form below. And as always, we are never too busy for you or your referrals!



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For those of you who are new to Service for Life (SFL), here’s how our contests work: Each and every month, our Service for Life Newsletter posts a Trivia Question with multiple choice answers from which to choose. The first few to call in to answer the question correctly, wins the prize! Prizes differ from month to month and range from a $10.00 gas or Starbucks Card to a complete movie night in a box to a bag of groceries! We’ve given away lots of cool prizes over the years. Because last month we celebrated Carl’s 10 year anniversary in the business and it just happened to be our 100th SFL issue, we used the occasion by introducing an additional funky contest called, “Where in the World in SFL”? Since it was received so well we decided to make it an on-going contest! Take a funny or unique photo with your copy of SFL newsletter and send it in! See contest details and rules below. Don’t have a copy of SFL yet? Sign up today to receive your own free copy! Shoot off an email to: info@medfordteam.com with your contact information and we’ll be certain to include you in next month’s mailing along with your chance to win.

“Where in the World is SFL?” CONTEST RULES:
  1. Take Service for Life anywhere fun and have someone take your picture with you holding it – the front page MUST be visible in the picture.
  2. Email the picture to carl@carlmedford.com or text it to 510-750-3300 –
    MAKE SURE you include your complete name and contact information.

Contest deadline is midnight on the last day of each month Contest entries will be judged based on location, creativity etc. Judge’s decision is final. Pictures may not be ‘photoshopped’ or altered (so we don’t receive any entries from the moon…) Prizes will differ from month to month.

Winner will be announced on our Facebook Fan Pageafter the contest closes – the winning picture will posted there as well. We reserve any and all rights of the pictures sent to us.

Lastly, go and have a blast!

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