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Website: christina.themedfordteam.com

Prior to joining The Medford Team, Christina worked primarily in the Biotech industry in roles as an Executive Assistant and a Project Manager. She went to college at the University of Maryland with a minor in psychology and a major in Communications. Her hobbies are snowboarding, going to the beach, and collecting unique souvenirs from around the world. Throughout her younger years, Ms. Grabski grew up in the small town of Tours, France and speaks fluent French. During this time, Christina also participated in multiple foreign exchange programs in Germany, Italy, and England. While living abroad, she gained knowledge of various cultures and learned to adapt quickly. Christina’s roots are in New Orleans, Louisiana, however, her favorite food is Italian. Today as a full-time Realtor, Ms. Grabski is also a proud mother of two. She and her children share unforgettable memories when traveling cross country and going to the snow. Christina is a profound diplomat and will always demonstrate empathy, respect, and integrity.